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  1. As above, rebooted, launched drivepool. Had both externals attached. Windows allowed me to fix, and dismount the partitions in each. Took several iterations, as the pop-up disappears. Made a pool. Copied 200+ gigs into pool. Error stopped that process partway thru. Completed. (why can't drivepool just log the error, continue, and make me make determinations at the end? I suspect it's actually windows movement of files causing the issue, but...) Found 2x in pool management options (had to go looking through the user-guide on an online machine). Then waited for
  2. Had shut the machine down. It had been trying services for an hour (was the warning?, iirc). I restarted. Windows offered me the option to fix disks (partition, one at a time), and actually allowed me to safely remove the external drives and replug in so I could fix each partition. I did not get the multivolume zip error I'd also started getting (but, maybe because I've not tried that thumbdrive again yet), and Drivepool started right up, no errors. So I can't get you screenshots of what was going on (but, something working is far better). Cranked thru the user guide (is there a p
  3. I'm attempting to use drivepool on an airgapped machine. License activation has a workaround (great!). It launched the first time (and said all my drives are corrupted - possible, I'm fighting windows). So shut it down. Tried starting it again before taking the whole machine down (windows won't unmount external drives) to try again, and it won't start up.
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