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  1. Hi all, I have 3 SSDs of various size (128gb, 480gb, and 1tb) that I want to use in multiple ways. I currently have a DP for my HDDs (3 drives of 4-8tb each). 1. I would like to use the SSDs as a write cache for the HDD DP 2. I would like to have files permanently stored on the SSDs (I'm thinking steam library, temp folders for video editing). 3. Some duplication rules for some folders that I want stored on the ssd (the video files for example) but I don't necessarily care if they are stored on the SSDs or not. At first, I thought I'd do an SSD DP and then nest it within the HDD DP but I'm not sure if the SSD Optimizer will see that as one ssd or the 3 (because I know it needs to see at least 2 when I have duplication set on those HDDs). I would like this approach as I don't really care *which* individual ssd the permanent files live on and doing file placement rules if I have to add them individually to the HDD DP sounds like more work. But I'm not sure if I will need to mount that ssd dp or if I can just have like an "SSD" folder in the parent dp and use that for the ssds Let me know if I'm making sense or not and thanks in advance for the help!
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