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  1. Thanks for replying, I appreciate it. I was reading about FreeNAS today but I’m terrified of Linux. The links you shared are probably my most plausible route. I love the idea of taking an old PC and turning into a hard drive farm, but I’m not very savvy.
  2. My son is doing a lot of YouTube videos and wants something for a lot of storage, but with some kind of back up. StableBit sounds better than full on Raid 5, but I really am a novice. I'm not even sure what a hard drive controller is. I appreciate seeing example systems. The goal would be to have a lot of storage 6TB or greater with some back up assurance.
  3. I'm curious what users might be using to hold their hard drives? It seems like in 2021, you can only find multiple bay devices in NAS form. Thoughts?
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