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  1. Hi, I've been running DrivePool on WS2012R2 for years, mostly without a hitch. As a somewhat unsupported hack, I have OneDrive installed in a location which is physically on a drive which also contains DrivePool files, but is not actually part of the DrivePool. ( So I have D:\OneDrive and the D drive is part of the DrivePool, which itself is assigned the Z letter) Then, I point one folder in Onedrive (D:\OneDrive\Photos) using a link to the Z:\Photos folder of the server, which itself is in the pool. A couple of times now I have realised that my photos on OneDrive (this happened for the first time only a few months ago) in the cloud are actually pointing to different files from different subfolders. They are not corrupt, just the file content is replaced with something from another file. The actual files on my server in Z:\Photos and even those in the D\OneDrive\Photos are fine, it's just the cloud version that is corrupt and then that is downloaded to the other clients. I'm guessing this in the end boils down to an unsupported way of running things, but how can I achieve this sort of setup in a way that's supported? I would like Photos themselves on the server to be duplicated in the DrivePool, but I also would like a copy in OneDrive for clients to access and easy sharing.
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