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    Removing a nested pool

    For anybody who comes across this thread in the future with a similar issue: I wasn't able to ultimately figure out how this occurred but I decided to remove the E:\ pool from the D:\ pool using the default removal settings and that removed the extra drive letter. A SnapRAID scan of all the constituent drives that comprise my E: pool didn't find any unexpected changes, so it appears to have been a safe operation given limited testing.
  2. Tiru

    Removing a nested pool

    Upon further investigation I think this was created, somehow, by StableBit Scanner. When it detected the damaged drive I had it attempt to recover files and the export folder for those was to be the root of E:\Public, but for some reason it may have made an entirely new drivepool. No idea how or why. It didn't put them in E:\Public but created D:\Public. It does appear the two drives should have the same contents but they don't: DrivePool(D:) only actually has 7 files totaling 231 GB, which are the 7 files that were restored during the StableBit operation. There are no h
  3. A bit of an odd issue which will probably be easily resolved, but since I'm not sure how it happened I'm hoping to get some insight before I just start clicking buttons. I've had a DrivePool with 10 drives as 'DrivePool E:\' for a long time and recently removed a disk due to hardware failure. It was detected by StableBit Scanner and data was moved off, worked nicely. Today I noticed I have a new pool, 'DrivePool D:\' which contains the original drivepool. In DrivePool I can move between the two pools, and on E: it notes 'This pool is part of pool DrivePool'. Pool E: lists my 9 remain
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