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  1. There was a period of time that the drive was not in the pool and the drive had rebuilt itself already so it is possible there are a few files that may cause a problem. I am remeasuring and reduplicating the whole pool now which is now 101 TB so it will take a couple days. When it's done I will post the results and any problems I encounter. Thanks for the quick response and have a good day, sir.
  2. I recently had a drive cable go bad and the disk was logged as missing. I removed the disk from the pool and rebuilt and duplicated the data onto a new drive. Later I figured out that the problem was not the drive itself but the cable. I replaced the cable and the original disk added itself back to the pool automatically but all the data that is on the disk is already in the pool and reduplicated so my question is Will Drive Pool automatically delete any data that is duplicated 3X and reclaim the space which should give me back about 10TB? Or Should I wait for it to remeasure then remove the drive again and erase it then add it back? Will it remove the drive without enough space free since it is already duplicated?
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