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    Drivepool Balancing Stuck

    Thanks for the reply! Well, after sitting at ~49% for 30+ hours, it appears to be doing something. I rebooted the computer and went to bed and now it is at 81%. Don't know if rebooting did anything, but glad it is moving now. When I hover over it, it says "Moving Files...". Don't know what it said before, maybe the list building since it did not appear that any files were being moved.
  2. I added a new drive at 8pm on Friday (~39 hours ago) and Drivepool is still balancing. Original Drives: Two 4TB 7200 NAS drive Both drives were almost full ~270 MB free space left on each drive New 8TB 7200 NAS drive formatted and added to pool Initially, the balancing went very quickly. One of the 4TB drives quickly went to 2TB free space as files were moved from it to the new 8TB drive. However, for at least the last 30 hours, the balancing progress has barely moved at around 49% complete one the other 4TB drive still only has ~270 MB free space on it. The balancing appears to be stuck. What should I do at this point? Thanks, Dan
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