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  1. As it is said, stablebit cloud drive is not that stable. I went into troubles uploading files sometimes, of course it's not stablebit's fault. However, the auto retry seems to be useless. Each time I have to close the app, restart the stablebit cloud drive service manually, and open the app again, and that is fixed, temporarily. It's complex and it takes a lot of time. I think that add a restart button can compensate for it in some aspects.
  2. Thank you for replying. When one thing is of high priority, it should be faster ,and OTHER things will be slower. However, increasing the priority of duplication will slow down duplication speed ITSELF. I wonder why the duplication will be faster when in background.
  3. I use 2 disks in drive pool. When use one single drive, the sequence reading or writing speed is about 160-240MB/s. When I change No Duplicate to 2x Duplicate, duplication start automatically. However, the duplicate speed will drop down from 100MB/s to 20MB/s, and the physical disk usage will increase from 60% to 100%, if click "Increase Priority" button. By the way, files being duplicated is big big files. This is awful. Hope it will be fixed. By the way, why read striping doesn't improve any performance when reading one big 2x-duplicated file? Reading speed can never be over 250MB/s.
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