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  1. Thanks, i'll do that. Just for information, where in the balancing options can i do that (hierarchical pools usage) : i am in french so not easy to find. Anyway this will require a pool reorganization which might take some time as the 5 drive pool is made of 2x10TB + 3x8TB and is 80% full (a new 10TB drive is on order)
  2. Hello team, I have a ws2016 machine with a gigabyte mobo with 6 sata ports and 2 pcie adaptec 6805 cards (8 port) full of drives. In total I have 19 drives in my machine. It includes 3 pools: 2 of 2 drives and one of 5 drives, all have duplication enabled. I was wondering what is the best in terms of performance ? Should drives from a same pool be placed on the same controller or on different controllers ? What would the pros and cons be ?
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