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  1. I imagine should also state that I am on Drivepool v and scanner (which just said it has an update) v I have confirmed the drive is not being scanned by scanner when the problem is manifesting. No antivirus software other than whatever comes with Windows 10 as standard.
  2. Hi, a question. I am running drivepool on a Windows 10 machine. Used for many years on various machines, this is only a month or long install so far. I don’t change any settings from standard, no plugins or anything. I do also run scanner together with drivepool on the machine. I am encountering a problem with 1 drive a Seagate 14tb Ironwolf Pro. It is 1 month old, stablebit scanner reports no surface problems and no current smart warnings, it is worth mentioning I guess surface was last scanned 29 days ago. Additionally all checks from Seagate tools reports no problems / all passes inclu
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