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  1. Just jumped from 27% to 70%.
  2. Still running. The entire pool is 25TB and it looks like it is going through all of the movies (it's to the Zs right now). No SMR drives. I just added two 10TB WD Red Plus drives to the pool after having two 4TB HDDs go down separately. There was triple redundancy set for the movies and pics so I'm guessing a lot needs to be replicated. Task Manager says there is no load on the computer at all.
  3. Hey Shane, Sorry for the late reply. The duplication is working it's just taking an extremely long time. I'm on a day 3 and only at 25%.
  4. I've had some HDD trouble the past couple of days and needed to force remove a drive with duplication later. Was able to get the drive out and the pool remeasured and started duplicating. I left the machine last night at 17.2% and woke up to still at 17.2%. Rebooted and left it for about two hours and it's still at 17.2%. Any ideas on how to "unstick" this?
  5. I also have a Mediasonic 4 bay w/ USB 3.0 and it's rock solid. Have 6 drives internal and 4 in the Mediasonic using 2 pools. Been using it for over 6 years. Used to use eSATA but had to move to a new MB which didn't support it. I haven't seen any dropoff in performance. I've been looking at getting a Skull Canyon NUC8i7HVK and the Mediasonic 8 Bay USB 3.1 and try it out. Probably overkill for a server but it's light on the footprint. I too live out in the country and have everything running through a UPS. Line conditioning is critical out here.
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