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  1. The problem is fixed now. No idea what I did! I've been working on this for over 24 hours. I was desperate enough I was trying to change ownership of the StableBit folder in my Google drive to a new owner within my organization. (No idea why I was trying this.. I was just trying anything to troubleshoot.) I got it.. but when I tried to mount the drive under the new Google account, it had to get the chunk IDs as I had deleted that folder in GDrive. After the drive mounted under new ownership, the drive didn't work properly. So I moved everything back to original owner, restored the chunk IDs folder. Mounted the drive, and wa-lah! Everything is working great. Although, after reading your message.. I bet this had NOTHING to do with fixing my issue. I had absolutely NO idea there was a different I/O Settings for an existing mounted drive. I was using the I/O Settings in the top menu bar! OMG.. what an idiot. I bet any money that was my issue. So if I go down to Manage Drive and check the I/O Settings there... they all look good. (However, I did do another complete re-install of Windows. Which I realize was probably pointless now.) Anyway, all is good and this is now resolved! I get 200Mbps - 400Mbps in download speed. Thank you!
  2. To add to the plot... I just tried creating a new drive in the cloud, and when I download from the new drive... I have NO problems. I get 200Mbps+! Does this mean my current drive in the cloud may be corrupt? When I created it, I did a 250TB drive... I didn't know I should keep it 60TB or below.
  3. I've been using StableBit CloudDrive with Plex and haven't had a single issue over the last 3+ months, until now when all I did was switch to a new computer. I have Gigabit Internet 1000/1000. Anytime I started playing Plex, StableBit CloudDrive would reach out to my cloud storage, and I would see the download arrow in CloudDrive go up to 100Mbps+ and beyond! Meaning, CloudDrive was fast enough to handle the stream. Now on my new computer, I can't seem to get CloudDrive to go past 20 - 40 Mbps... and my streams are failing miserably. I have attached screenshots to show you my settings. It does not matter what settings I enter in the "Default I/O Performance" window. No changes I make here affect the performance. I've tried switching all these settings to no avail. I've also tried beta version of CloudDrive, I've tried going back a couple version, I've tried switching the Cache Chunk Size to 20MB, 50MB, and even 100MB. Nothing works! I've been losing so much sleep on this trying to figure out the problem. Everything is on SSD. I've tried upgrading my computer's Ethernet driver. I've changed my DNS from to I've upgraded my Asus router's firmware. I've literally tried EVERYTHING I can think of. Nothing is fixing this problem! I can't get the CloudDrive download to get a GOOD download speed. I've even tried on a laptop of mine and I get the same results. Slow download speeds. I thought maybe it was something with my new computer. Unfortunately, I can't go back to my old computer because it's already dismantled and I've used some of the parts for my new computer. If I could get any help, I would really appreciate it! Thank you.
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