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  1. The problem is fixed now. No idea what I did! I've been working on this for over 24 hours. I was desperate enough I was trying to change ownership of the StableBit folder in my Google drive to a new owner within my organization. (No idea why I was trying this.. I was just trying anything to troubleshoot.) I got it.. but when I tried to mount the drive under the new Google account, it had to get the chunk IDs as I had deleted that folder in GDrive. After the drive mounted under new ownership, the drive didn't work properly. So I moved everything back to original owner, restored the chunk
  2. To add to the plot... I just tried creating a new drive in the cloud, and when I download from the new drive... I have NO problems. I get 200Mbps+! Does this mean my current drive in the cloud may be corrupt? When I created it, I did a 250TB drive... I didn't know I should keep it 60TB or below.
  3. I've been using StableBit CloudDrive with Plex and haven't had a single issue over the last 3+ months, until now when all I did was switch to a new computer. I have Gigabit Internet 1000/1000. Anytime I started playing Plex, StableBit CloudDrive would reach out to my cloud storage, and I would see the download arrow in CloudDrive go up to 100Mbps+ and beyond! Meaning, CloudDrive was fast enough to handle the stream. Now on my new computer, I can't seem to get CloudDrive to go past 20 - 40 Mbps... and my streams are failing miserably. I have attached screenshots to show you my s
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