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  1. Okay, I think I figured out another way to do this the way I want. I removed the 14TBs from the pool and put them in their own pool, then I created a pool containing both pools. Now I'm able to setup the balancing on both pools properly and the main pool I can do the File Placement rules and they work now. Thanks
  2. Interesting, I was running 1.0.1. I upgraded to 1.0.2 and it now lets me set the OFP options but they still are not being applied when new files are copied. Manual Balancing also doesn't move anything to fix the placement to conform with the OFP settings. I did notice I was running Drive Pool 2.2.1019 and there is 1162 on the website so I upgraded but it also didn't help. I think I'll open a support ticket and see if we can't find out why it isn't doing the balancing properly. Thanks for the tips.
  3. The OFP plugin is at the top of the list and the only plugin enabled (besides Scanner). The All in One plugin doesn't allow me to change the setting to enable File placement (Fill up the disks in the order specified below) or the settings at the bottom. I made the changes you provided in another thread not sure if it's better as it's balancing incorrectly still so I'm not balancing. Thanks
  4. Hello, Long time lurker and user of Stablebit products for many years. Recently, I added some drives to my backup Pool but I'm having issues setting it up to best use them. Here is my before setup: 19x 8TB drives in pool (Disk 01 to 19), using Ordered File Placement (to fill from first to last disk per Snapraid best practice) 3x 8TB Snapraid parity drives Here's my new setup: 19x 8TB (Disk 01 to 19) 3x 8TB Snapraid parity drives 4x 14TB in same pool (not protected by Snapraid)(Disk 20 to 23) What I'm trying to do is use File Placement Rules to put folders I have multiple copies of on the 14TB disks and migrate them away from the SR protected disks. File Placement rules are setup like this: Folders I want on the 14TBs are set to only go to Disk 20-23 All other folders are set to Disk 01-19 only And here are the issues I've run into: - Balancing is extremely slow, (sub 20MB/s). A workround is to move the data from a disk outside the Pool folder then cut and paste back into the pool. This allows the transfers to go at max source disk speed (100-200MB/s) - New files will not always go to the proper drives - Files copied locally (Disk 6 root to pool) will store correctly - Files copied from the network will default to wrong pool of disks - Ordered File Placement plugin seems to not be doing anything anymore. (enabled or disabled doesn't seem to make any difference). I've tried all sorts of settings under Balancing but so far I haven't found the correct settings to do what I want but I believe it should be possible. Has anyone done anything similar or have any other suggestions? Let me know if you need more information or screenshots. Thanks very much.
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