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  1. This is exactly what I was hoping to get confirmed, thank you
  2. I currently have 2 storage servers with drivepool running on both, with cloudrive connecting the servers. This is set up as a drivepool on one server shared over the network which cloud drive on the other server grabs, this cloud drive is then added into the drivepool on the main server with its drives. However I dont have any file duplication and this is what I would like to change. If I just turn on file duplication on the main server this will duplicate over the local drives and the cloud drive, however this does not protect against a drive failure on the remote server. If I turn on file duplication on the remote server as well then this is going to use more storage for each file then I am willing to accept at the moment. Could I have a sub pool on the main server which includes just the local drives which has file duplication on. Also having file duplication on the remote server. With a high level pool linking the cloud drive and the local drivepool which does not have file duplication?
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