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  1. hello. first i'd like to downgrade my google drive plans. so i need to copy my files back. i've tried manually copy from cloud drive. but it's take too long and then error shows. so how to copy files back efficiently and fast . Thank you
  2. here's the missing disk drives , just found a hidden files. but there's nothing the the pools parts folder like mine H:\ and P:\ (0 bytes) but i could see files in K:\ and H:\ any suggestions.
  3. Done remeasured and nothing happened. But thanks.i Hope to get this fix soon.
  4. Oh i thought it was completely hidden. So if my files still intact. Then i have to move it manually right?. After moving done, then remove disk from pool and add it back?. Sorry I'm noob.
  5. first i just change my pcie to sata card around X1 Port then i reconnect all my drive as usual normally drivepool automatic find my drive and shown up in pool but when i bootup it's show missing disk also listed in non pools so i reset all settings and reboot all drive in pools comeback but notices that i cannot access the files from that disks and i know my files is still there. i've attached the pictures shown that the drive with grey data go to others so what should i do now i don't want to format or remove disk from pools incase my files gone forever thanks for the help (sorry for my english)
  6. Thanks. it's help me alots. But only one thing . i don't understand It's about SAS card. Already looks up on youtube but still doesn't know how SAS card work. For my understand , you'll need SATA ports for HDD. if i have 5 HDDS then i need 5 SATA Ports. But when i see SAS card there is only 2 SAS Port. So how do i connect all my 5 HDDS to SAS Card Please clarify me . Because i such a noobs.. Thanks a lots
  7. hello. newbie here first now i only use drivepool on Windows 10 and it's work ok i mainly use to store games and movies so everytime i want to watch movie from Shield TV i have to turn on my PC with drivepool on it. now i want to change all my pool to new hardware (i have 5 x 10TB) then i can turn drivepool on 24/7 for in home streaming any suggestion for CPU, M/B, Ram, PSU , OS? and such only spec i choose now is the case , the case is fractal design node 804 (can store up to 8 drive) thank you sorry for my english
  8. if anyone could help it would be really appreciate. i'm desparated now long story short i've update my Mainboard Bios. then i can't activate my drivepool license anymore (also clouddrive and scanner) and yes i have deactivate my license first. after activate license it's keep say i need to deactivate??? even 30 day trail not work. i can use my pool but without license i can only read files not save or make a new folder as you can see on my contact to support i've tried everything (as attached) such like 1. use StableBit.Troubleshooter 2. delete from appdata and programdata 3. reset PC ( 7 times) then activate 4. fresh install Windows (5 Times) then activate 5. unplug my HDD the install drivepool then plug in (cause me losing one of my 10TB drive. all files are gone) 6. i even bought another license but it come up with the same activation key. first because i think it might help with new hardware even i'm just update my bios ? but it's end up the same result) 7. i flash old bios for my mainboard that use to work. but still no contact stablebit support it's such a pain , sometime 6 hours but mostly days (now 2 days with no answer) total nearly a week now from my first contact support i know maybe i'm a noob but i need more support than this. i still need files in pool, i have 5x10TB if i doesn't want to use drivepool anymore how to i migrate all my files to something else? or just convert to normal use drive in windows i don't have money to buy another 5x10TB to transfers all files to my new HDD . sorry for my english (i do my best) Thank you
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