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  1. Thanks. it's help me alots. But only one thing . i don't understand It's about SAS card. Already looks up on youtube but still doesn't know how SAS card work. For my understand , you'll need SATA ports for HDD. if i have 5 HDDS then i need 5 SATA Ports. But when i see SAS card there is only 2 SAS Port. So how do i connect all my 5 HDDS to SAS Card Please clarify me . Because i such a noobs.. Thanks a lots
  2. hello. newbie here first now i only use drivepool on Windows 10 and it's work ok i mainly use to store games and movies so everytime i want to watch movie from Shield TV i have to turn on my PC with drivepool on it. now i want to change all my pool to new hardware (i have 5 x 10TB) then i can turn drivepool on 24/7 for in home streaming any suggestion for CPU, M/B, Ram, PSU , OS? and such only spec i choose now is the case , the case is fractal design node 804 (can store up to 8 drive) thank you sorry for my english
  3. if anyone could help it would be really appreciate. i'm desparated now long story short i've update my Mainboard Bios. then i can't activate my drivepool license anymore (also clouddrive and scanner) and yes i have deactivate my license first. after activate license it's keep say i need to deactivate??? even 30 day trail not work. i can use my pool but without license i can only read files not save or make a new folder as you can see on my contact to support i've tried everything (as attached) such like 1. use StableBit.Troubleshooter 2. d
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