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  1. Does anybody have experience running Hyper-V VMs on windows 10 with drivepool? I would like my VMs drives to be replicated onto multiple physical drives within a pool, but am unsure how well the hypervisor and drivepool software will work together. I'm planning on setting up either a docker swarm or kubernetes HA cluster on 4 VMs running on 2 windows 10 pro servers, using Ceph for live file duplication of stateful docker files, keepalived to provide a virtual floating IP address shared between all VMs on the cluster, and traefik as an https auth ingress manager. Am I likely to run into problems with the drivepool duplication function on the VMs? Sharing any experience with this (including non-HA setups of Hyper-V virtual drives using drivepool duplication) would be very welcome. The only limitation I'm aware of is that if I use an ssd cache drive for drivepool, I'll be limited to the size of the drive for individual files in the pool.
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