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  1. Not a bad idea, seems plugin can set a limit on real-time placement So an idea can be to set a limit on all disks except the one we want to use, and recompute the limitation regulary. Legacy balancer will correct placement in background if necessary. I will try and let you know
  2. The behavior of storage space is not so bad on this point. When you add files, it fill disk by step of 10%. What can be an idea is to be able to configure the step (1%, 5%, etc...). Currently i'm adding files to my pool, they are added to "J:". Balancer will be rised after that, and move them on G, I or F. H is not allowed on file placement to receive this folder with a lot of day usage, so balancer will only move other files on it. I think in a couple of days/weeks, balancer will end to move other files on H and is usage will grow with my "legacy" files. What i expect in my dream, when i add a file, the pool will set the file on the disk with the less % of disk usage (if disk free space is enough, and if file placement rules allow it), and evaluate this for each file. If I add 10 files of 2Go, the pool will dispatch them on all disks in real time. Then the balancer can be rise after (every day, or if files placement is too bad) to reequilibrate if required because the real time can sometime result of not optimal placement. My goal is to equilibrate the load for write and after for read by balancing it on multiple disks, instead if for now i'm limited with the single USB interface, it's enough to work on 2 or 3 disks are the same time. And in background, i work to optimize that to add more interface for disks in the pool. I checked the plugin wiki but it seems that plugin can only balancer file after, not be able to be invoked for real time. Another good idea can be to add a way for us to develop our real time plugin. I'm a c# developer and very interested if this can be done to give it a try to create it
  3. Hi all, i'm new to drivepool (switching from windows storage spaces). Sorry if my english is not perfect ;) I will try to explain a little bit my config and use case. I have a pool with 5 disks : 1x 8 To 2 x 6 To 1x 4 To 1 x 500 Go (special disk for my use case, with non pool folder) All disks are in the same bay, plug in USB. I don't care of file placement, so i have activated only the disk space analyzer balancer and let him do the job. and it works like a charm. I have some folders with a lot of small files (2ko), and some others with a lot of files between 1.5/2Go. The grow is about 2K/day for small files, and 20 to 30 for big files. Files are kept and the delete is only manual, when i do not need the file for more work. So when a file is added, the real time behavior of Drivepool is to send them to the 8 To. And when placement is too bad, the balancer trigger is rised and move files to others disks. But as it is a single USB interface, it's very easy to overload with R/W for move all files. I'm very interested to know if there is a way (or a plan to add that) to configure different strategy for realtime. Is it something plugin can do? Thanks in advance
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