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  1. OK, now that I finally got my router/ISP issues figured out, I really want to start getting my content backed up to my Google Drive account...I've done some basic testing with a 2 TB drive (using the recommended Plex settings and everything is working great. I currently have around 14TB of data I want to upload and am wondering what the best drive configuration would be? Should I create one large single drive or multiple smaller drives (to prevent data loss in case of corruption)? Also, how about DrivePool? Should I use that as well? I still plan on keeping some of my media on phy
  2. Just thought that I'd report back - signed up for the new ISP today and picked up a router. No issues at all with uploading up to 10 threads, 5 threads downloading (streaming about 5 movies at the same time to multiple devices).
  3. Unfortunately it's an all-in-one device. I can login to the router and switch it to Bridge mode but then you have to get CenturyLink to change something on their end to hybrid mode so they can still manage the device properly. Fortunately there's no contracts with either provider so I can switch over anytime. Plus I'll save 10 bucks/month lol.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I've actually had the router lock issue in 2 different apartment complexes now, both with CenturyLink Fiber and the same router model, so I'm assuming it's either something with CenturyLink's back-end or something with that specific router model. Unfortunately this location is part of their "Always On" network (just move in, sign up online and service is activated immediately and includes the wifi router at no charge), so getting them to put their router in bridge mode so I can use my own is like pulling teeth. It only seems to lose network connectivity when
  5. Hey everyone - new Stablebit CloudDrive customer here (testing currently) and one issue I've ran into is my ISP (CenturyLink Fiber) provides a router that pukes when uploading/downloading at the same time unless I set the number of threads really low (like 1 or 2). I'm assuming it's not related to bandwidth so much as packets/activity. Fortunately the apartment building I'm in offers another fiber company as an alternative and they allow you to just use your own router (I think CenturyLink will too but more work with tech support to get it done). So looking for router recommendations th
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