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  1. now my explorer is completely dead
  2. Just took nearly 5 mins to move 2.3GB
  3. it is literally writing too many files
  4. The stablebit software is truly having a hard time
  5. what happens if I uninstall? How do I undo everything? I can no longer handle these extreme, way beyond extreme bottlenecks. I can not move terabytes of data 2MB/s. I just can not
  6. i am going from disk to disk no idea why people keep saying otherwise I am expirencing extreme bottle necks, EXTREME aNY IDEA HOW ANNOYING IT IS TO TRANSFER 2tb OF DATA AT 2mb/S? stablebit dont work
  7. I am moving from disk to disk. There is literally no reason at all other than poor software development why I am bottlenecking.
  8. it has gotten to the point where i do not know what to do. I hate to uninstall this and I hate to have wasted the last few weeks. I have never seen my drives act like this before. I am literally transferring hundreds of gigs at 2MB/s a second
  9. All i know is it is taking weeks to move terabytes of data. I have no time for this and I am getting so far behind. I just do not understand why there is no good or easy harddrive software out that there. All companies expect people to just have all these empty drives. Only reason why I am moving data is to get it into the pool. I emptied one drive, added that to the pool and just been repeating disk for disk. And these bottle necks are truly killing me.
  10. they are gig or so or under 1 gig sized files, some are 1.5gb seagate barracudas internal SATA controller pciexpress right now they all are checked. thought it would help but i think it made it worser. They are all SATA
  11. I never seen my drives do this until I installed pooldrive. I transfer data and it goes normally for about 30 seconds and then it just dies. Literally goes and drops to 0kb/s, then up a little more, then down, then up, then maybe up to 60mb/s, then back down, stays under 5mb/s for a while, may go backup, may stay down. I am moving TB's of data and it has been weeks. I pause the transfer, wait some time, resume and it goes right back up to normal speeds, then drops right back down and dies. I open resource monitor and I clearly see the problem. It is reading a few files from the source driving but making a queue of way too many files to write on destination. For example, one season had 22 eps, another 12 and another 12. I sorted by write speed and the last ep, ep 22, all of the next season and a few of the next were in queue. That is 15 files. So it is reading 3-4 files and writing almost a dozen and a half. Why? that is dumb. hmmmm. Makes no sense. So how do i tell stablebit to write one file at a time?
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