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  1. To Shane, Thanks, I have already opened a ticket, and are now in the process of setting up a remote support session. Let's see if that can solve anything.
  2. To Shane, Did all what you wrote, Deleted the poolpart dir's, uninstalled, rebooted and added one drive - but no change, again the result. Several tries and no change - it won't work. so only need to buy a retail licens to se if it's the trial status that is the problem, even though it should not - but there might be a bug in program code
  3. Thanks, just to follow up - before I read your post, I actually uninstalled, rebooted and re-installed - which resulted in what you can see on the attached screenshots - which are back to a window with the four drives as initially indicated. I read somewhere on the forum that is has been a problem earlier that after a windows update the pool disappeared from the drivepool UI, and the fix were as i did, therefore i did it. But drivepool does still not work, so next thing must be to do what you suggest. But i'll just wait for support to come back too with their suggestion. Then I will try something
  4. Yes, I have attached a screenshot of the drivepool window. I may have to add that during the night windows 10 has updated to the latest build 20201, upon that the drivepool window no longer shows the created drives from yesterday. In each of drives root folder resides a sub directory named something like PoolPart.f0666f48-31a9-446e-a9de-f508bf729c3d diff on each drive. But no drivepool turnes up in the drivepool window - If I add one of the drives previous added, i get an error message telling me that a drive can't be added more that ones to the pool - but there isn't any pool - the pool organisation bar in the bottom of the window also says that when moving the cursor over the bar.
  5. Hi just installed trial licens version and was looking forward too use drivepool, but I can't use it at all - i'm using win10 - on the drivepool window i can see 8 hdd's and to the right there is a plus sign and the word "add" . I clicked on add for two drives and two new drives emerged half the size of the existing ones and again with a plus sign and the word add to the right, so now there is 10 drives non pooled. I can't do anything with the drives. On top of the window there is a green stripe saying trial expire'a in xx days and under tjat there is this line of Create a new pool, clicking on that nothing happens what so ever - right clicking anywhere does not bring any menu's at all. The settings at the top right is to no use. What the heck am I doing wrong or does the program not work
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