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    WSL 2 support

    @Nights0ng The fixes referenced here look like they've made it into the RC version that's available from the official download page. (The betas are available here.) WSL2 support works pretty OK with these fixes; you can list directories and execute files just like you'd expect. Performance isn't stellar, but not that bad either. My primary workflow is VS Code with a Remote-WSL connection, and my primary dev directory is on a DrivePool drive, and it works fine. Stuff involving access to lots and lots of tiny files, like some git checkouts and npm installs, can be somewhat slower
  2. Reid Rankin

    WSL 2 support

    Here's the DrivePool tracking issue; it appears has been resolved in version
  3. Reid Rankin

    WSL 2 support

    For future reference, here's the Dokan issue and PR. Several similar issues were already filed with the WSL repo, so I've added comments to link back to the Dokan issue and hopefully help people get things sorted. I've also cooked up a Cheat Engine script that will patch vp9fs.dll at runtime to properly handle both Dokan's STATUS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED and DrivePool's STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR, if you need a fix right now and don't mind using what's essentially a video game trainer to make it happen. Don't use this unless you understand what it does. fixDrivePoolWSL.CT
  4. Reid Rankin

    WSL 2 support

    After WAY TOO MUCH DEBUGGING I've discovered that there's a built-in mechanism in vp9fs.dll to downgrade the FileInformationClass it requests. It tries the following in order: FileIdExtdDirectoryInformation (60) FileIdFullDirectoryInformation (38) FileIdBothDirectoryInformation (37) FileFullDirectoryInformation (2) FileDirectoryInformation (1) The trick is that it only searches through this list if it gets one of the following NTSTATUS error codes: STATUS_INVALID_INFO_CLASS (0xC0000003) STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER (0xC000000D) STATUS_NOT_S
  5. Reid Rankin

    WSL 2 support

    I've been following up on this with some disassembly and debugging to try and figure out what precisely is going wrong. WSL2's "drvfs" is just a 9P2000.L file server implementation (yep, that's the protocol from Plan 9) exposed over a Hyper-V Socket. (On the Windows side, this is known as a VirtIO socket; on the Linux side, however, that means something different and they're called AF_VSOCK.) The 9P server itself is hard to find because it's not in WSL-specific code -- it's baked into the Hyper-V "VSMB" infrastructure for running Linux containers, which predates WSL entirely. The actual server
  6. Reid Rankin

    WSL 2 support

    Just want to add my two cents as a loyal DrivePool user -- WSL2 support is important to me. I'd like to do my dev work in DrivePool so it's duplicated.
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