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  1. Thanks. Your answers are very much on point and helpful. Love to see good communities around projects like these. Strong community support can often be just as important as the software. I totally agree rclone and CD compliment one another more than compete. I understand the fundamental difference in the technical approach, and it's definitely a trade-off either way you slice it I think my ideal solution would be to run both - using rclone for the flexibility, speed and accessibility, while having CD as an option for when very low-level compatibility is needed. While the WinFSP/FUSE mounti
  2. Hey all. I'm wondering if there is a place I can go to get some more nitty-gritty details about exactly what services SBCD can interface with. I felt that was missing in the otherwise pretty good product features overview. (hope I didn't just overlook something). I currently use primarily Gdrive (and specifically including some "shared drives", formerly "Teamdrives"). Knowing if SBCD can support those are pretty relevant to me. It seems that not all solution do for whatever reason. Coming from rclone I am also spoiled for having a lot of flexibility - so it would be nice to get an id
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