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  1. Ok then this is not the software for me. How can I remove the pool and keep all the data intact and put back where it used to belong?
  2. I am hoping someone can fill in some gaps I have in understanding the duplication part of this product to protect against data loss. I currently have 5 drives totaling 30TB of space in a pool and want to be able to recover the data should anyone of the individual drives fail. If I choose to duplicate feature in drive pool does that mean in essence needing another 30TB of space? Is the backup a bit for bit duplication or is it a parity kind of situation where it can recreate the data that is lost?
  3. I am new to this product. I added a drive with existing files on it to start a new pool. How can i get drive pool to see those files? It appears that it assigned a new drive letter to the drive but now i see that drive twice, once as the original drive E and now as a pool drive K:
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