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  1. Thx, i will use 6 parity drive for my setup. Do snapraid keep their parity file as a single large file? Or there will be more files when size grow.
  2. I saw many post are talking about 3-6 drives, but i can't find a post that are talking about 100 10TB drives. I am trying to crate a 1PB drive in drive pool, is that mean I need an other 1PB drive pool for parity, or I set 100 drives as data drive at snap raid? If i set 100 drives as data drive at snap raid do i need a 1PB drive too or how big should the parity drive size be. Is there anyway to do software raid 5?(not windows raid5)
  3. I am using a google drive, one of my drive says there was a error when reading a file. a duplication version was used. Will it rebuild a duplication after reading the file?
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