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  1. Hi all I have been happily using Drivepool for about 5 years on a WHS2011 server, in particular the HP N54L Microserver. The 4 drives operated with full redundancy, but to be honest I can't fully remember the configuration that I had. Last month, my server's motherboard has failed and I'm unable to source a new one, and I thought I would take the opportunity to upgrade my server to a NAS (Synology). My issue now is that I have a heap of data on my pooled drives which I am unable to access as my PC won't turn on. For the most part, my RAW files were backed up to an Amazon Glacier vault, so are retreivable (at a cost), but I also have some videos which were not uploaded to Glacier that I'd like to retreive from the Drivepool array. I have purchased a Synology 918 NAS to place the drives that were previously pooled into as my understanding is that there was no issue with the drives. I understand that I'm unable to simply place the drives into the Synology NAS to get the data off them as it's a Linux based solution and uses btrfs. Can anyone please provide me with some advice on how to best proceed, preferably without needing to purchase any additional hardware? I only have a laptop so no ability to place those drives into another tower to access them at this stage. Thanks in advance!
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