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  1. Thanks, you're right, those options would work - probably the SSD optimiser would be better. The problem with option (1) is that files will *sometimes* be on that drive and, more importantly, I will also need to change the balancing ratio trigger to something like 99-100%. All this combined will mean a lot of files moving around which I would like to avoid. Can someone please confirm whether the "drive usage limiter" should be real-time? The little red arrow on that drive suggests to me that it should be. Thanks again!
  2. Hi. I have a pool with one drive with a limit via the "drive usage limiter" balancer to not place any un-duplicated files on it. However, un-duplicated files ARE being placed on it, then moved out during balancing runs. I thought that the limit was a real-time limit, so no files should be placed on it in the first place. I'm sure I'm missing something, any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  3. I have a drive that's unreliable in my pool, so I've used the Drive Usage Limiter balancer to allow only duplicated files on that drive. I've got the balancers in the following order: 1) StableBit Scanner 2) Drive Usage Limiter 3) Duplication Space Optimizer 4) Prevent Drive Overfill The suspect drive is almost empty and the other drives have significant amounts of duplicate files on. I was expecting the balancing run to move a lot of duplicate files to the one marked for duplication only, so it frees up maximum free space on the pool and maximises the duplica
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