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  1. OK, I just turned on duplication for all folders and it ran out of space so thats a non starter. I now have a 4tb USB drive so I'll back up all the folders and get some bigger hard drives and restore when there's more space. Thanks.
  2. I have some folders duplicated but not all, I'll turn it on for the others and see if it can cope. Are you saying that if duplication is on I can just replace any of the existing hard drives and it will rebuild the pool without data loss?
  3. No I can't add another drive to the pool. Can I replace one of the existing drives with a larger one without losing data? Otherwise I'll have to get a 4gig drive to back it all up and replace the smaller drives and restore from backup.
  4. I run drivepool in a Windows Homeserver 2011 HP machine. The pool is nearing capacity and I want to replace all 4 drives (1TB) with 2TB drives. If I do it one at a time will the pool replicate across? Would it be better just to replace one 1TB drive with a much bigger one. say 4 TB which would give me ample space for the future? Should I upgrade to the latest Drivepool version?
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