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  1. Thank you for your informative post. I appreciate the response. I eventually worked out that I could see the file segments that I uploaded and that I couldn't see the actual content. I finished up going with Mountain Duck. (Albeit after purchasing a copy of Air File Drive at a good discount and then finding that I couldn't see the content that way either because I ignorantly had a checkbox unselected in the options dialog.) I thus achieved my ultimate goal of being able to transfer my files (photos) from OneDrive to SmugMug without having them sit on my hard drive (other than in t
  2. A very newbie question. I am trialing Cloud Drive. I have been testing the upload via the virtual drive of some miscellaneous files to a Microsoft OneDirve account. When I do so should I expect to see the uploaded files when I log in to my account in my browser? Thank you, Jeff
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