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  1. Hi, all. I have a home server, based on the Logic Case SC-316-ATX. This is a 16 disk 3U case, with a HBA array, with the 3.5 in disks quite close together. And even though I have added 120 mm Noctua fans at higher spec than the ones that the supplier uses, my drives are running between 40-49 deg C. Which is higher than I would like. I've tried many things to get the disks to be cooler, nothing has worked. So my only hope is to get the disks to power down and stay that way when not being purposefully used. I have set the power management side of Windows to get the disks to sleep after 30 minutes and adjusted the Advanced Settings (through the JSON file, setting true to false for Bitlocker, which I do not knowingly use anyhow) of DrivePool. I have checked the StableBit Scanner ProgramData files, these are many, none with a content relating to Bitlocker I could find. Is there anything else I might be missing? I know much of this is in old posts, but these are now at least 3 years ago so I want to be sure I am up to date regarding methodology, files/settings to be adjusted, etc.
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