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  1. Thanks, love the service for a paid product. Can I get a refund?
  2. Hi, I have 8 drives connected in my file server and lately, one 4TB WD Red dropped out so after disconnecting and reconnecting, it wanted to be formatted. Within scanner, it is showing file errors and around 4000 bad sectors. I scanned a couple more times just to make sure and they're still there so I removed the drive and connected it to my main PC which also has a copy of scanner installed on it. The drive shows up straight away with all my files intact but when I completely scanned the drive, it came back 100% clear with no file errors or bad sectors. So I've put it back into the file server and started a fresh full disk scan and 30% in, it's showing bad sectors. I'm really confused by this as how can the same drive show errors on one PC and using the same software to scan it, show no errors on another? When the drive dropped from the file server, it was giving a SATA port 0 error so unless that's one of the reasons why it's not scanning properly, how can the drive show errors on one and not the other? My server is about 10 years old and my main PC I only built a few months ago plus the disk in question is fairly new. I feel comfortable there isn't a problem with the disk but if I keep getting errors and issues on the server, how could it be causing this and scanning showing these errors if they're not there? Thanks
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