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  1. Thanks for the feedback, does the duration align with what is common for 14tb? it takes about 4 full days to complete all 8 drives, with no yielding for disk activity. i only ask for the 6tb more than less then have the size would finish in a few hours every week. just want to make sure i don't have something set incorrect.
  2. Looking for some advice on best setting to use for a media server running windows 10 with 8 hard drives in drivepool. i have been using default settings and scanning every 7 days. but i recently changed out all drives from 6tb black to 14tb gold when i rebuilt the server about a month ago. before with the much smaller size the scan would finish in a few hours, but not it takes several days to run the scan. just wanted to see what the recommendation is for drives with just media files, video and audio. to ensure i am not doing any unnecessary tasking. all drives are scanning around 215-
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