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  1. hey all, i never had any issue with it seeing the drive. Bios was fine, win10 was fine so was Drive Pool. Went through days of testing of the drive using WD's software along with other ones - all no problem Formatted it and rejoined it to the pool, all fine. Finally after a day it has fully optimised no problem. Will keep an eye on this for the time Nick
  2. Hi All, i have been using Drive Pool for many years now without any issue on Windows 10, and before that Windows Home Server. Last week one of my 4tb Red drives died, so it gave me an opportunity to increase my storage by buying a 12tb WD Elements and shucking it. I now have a 1.5tb, 2tb, 5tb and now a 12tb. All went fine. Tested it before shucking, Bios sees it once installed, Windows sees it to. All great. Add to the drive pool, and again working fine. Starts to optimise and move data all good. A couple of hours later, i get an error from Windows that says that there is a drive error and it needs a reboot to fix it. Going to the drive through file explorer shows that the drive is there, but now inaccessible. Thought this was odd, rebooted it and after a check log back in to find the drive still inaccessible and access is denied. Give permissions and get access to it. Remove from Drive Pool. Diskpart, clean reformat and add back to the pool. Again a few hours in again same error. Reboot, remove, clean, format etc. For the time being i have left it out the pool while i diagnose it.. i am at the moment running the WD diagnostics tool on the drive, but it has 17 hours left. All short tests have not shown any issues with the drive. Any idea what is going on? Does Drive Pool accept 12tb drives?? Any other tests i should run to totally rule out a hardware issue?? Thanks Nick
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