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  1. Version: StableBit DrivePool Please answer quick question, I have created what I thought was one pool from adding (3) disks. Win 10 explorer is showing the same size pool for each D and E. I really just want one contiguous pool. Is this due to duplication settings? However, they appear to have two seperate volumes and not linked. When i move files to D: they do not show up in E: so they are independant of each other? The manual does not explain this very well.
  2. bnwbass

    Very Basic Question

    Creating new media server 2x8TB 1x4TB HDD's. When formatting new disk, does it matter with or without drive letters? Before adding and creating new pool. Thx Bw
  3. Need confirmation that striped Raid 0 disks are not recognized by DP and I need to format to simple volume?
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