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  1. I've regained file access. EDIT: I initially thought that this was due to a drive failure, but realised that I had moved the cache off of the stuffed drive anyway. Minimal loss, makes me happy.
  2. Thanks for the reply, if I wanted to absolutely guarantee safe shutdown what should I do? Couldn't care less if it takes hours to shutdown, just needs to be safe. The drive just came back online. It's mounted and I'm just waiting to see if I have access to the files in question without having wait for the uploads to complete. Progress makes me smile.
  3. Unfortunately Windows decided that it would force restart my system when installing latest updates. And now I am experiencing the dreaded "This drive is performing recovery" process. I've since modified my own reboot script to include safe shutdown of the StableBit CloudDrive Service to ensure safe shutdown/restart, and will execute this when installing updates manually. From the threads I have found and read I'm relatively confident I'll get most of my data back, my question is about time frame and at what point in the process I will regain access to my data. The drive in question is 256TB and configured on GSuite, at the time of reboot I had 5TB uploaded, 9TB queued for upload and had recently cleared the cache (hours prior). During recovery, I assume that CloudDrive is re-indexing the local data. I can see it reading the dedicated cache drive consistently, between 80 and 200MB/s. Assuming that it has to read all of the local data this process will take up to 24 hours to complete. After this, I again assume, uploading will resume. Uploading is restricted to 50Mb/s, so this could take up to 3 weeks to complete. Will I regain access to my data at the 24 hour or 3 week point? If 3 weeks, my upload speed is getting bumped up to a gb for the month! Any input greatly appreciated.
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