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  1. /b seems to just clear the damaged sectors, but what is needed is a way to acknowledge the damaged sectors but stop reporting it in Scanner. I had the same problem and I don't want my disk to stop being used unless the damage is significant. There needs to be a method in Scanner to mark a damaged drive as healthy again, the same way you can mark a damaged file system as healthy again.
  2. Is it possible to access previous file versions with StableBit DrivePool, like the Windows file history? It's making copies anyway, right? And secondly, with this same process, can you find a file you previously deleted?
  3. Yes, that's basically what I said. My question was, what are my alternatives to achieve a similar result? Yes that's basically what I said. My question was, what are alternatives to achieve a similar result?
  4. Hello. So I have been reading all the details about Hardlinks not supported and Symbolic links will basically do the same thing. Here is my issue. I teach various subjects and film videos that are quite large. Many times these videos fit into multiple subjects and I had been using Hardlinks because it saves me space, and, I don't want the original to be deleted before I am done with the data that exists in another topic via a hardlink, especially since I lose track of how many times I used that video and where the original is. So If I used a shortcut and delete one topic once I am finished with it, I may delete the data that only exists as a shortcut in another topic that would now no longer work. Hardlinks solved that problem since the data doesn't actually delete until ALL hardlinks have been deleted. How can I now work around this since Hardlinks are not supported? Straight out copying the data which is huge is not an option. Thanks.
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