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  1. Hi all, My setup: Windows 10 Pro Scanner version: 1- Crucial MX500 500GB SSD (boot drive) 4 - Seagate 4TB SAS Drives (3 data, 1 parity), model ST4000NM0023 Pool drives are connected via an HBA (Dell H200) to a SAS backplane I've recently downloaded Drivepool and Scanner as a test run for a new media server. So far, I really like drive pool and it's been a breeze to use. For that reason, I will likely purchase a key, once my trial has expired. As for Scanner, I have had a few problems that I can't seem to remedy. SMART data appears to be disabled for all the drive in my pool and does not report information that most other software does report. I am being notified via e-mail from Scanner of an unstable sector on my boot drive but all scanner tests show the drive as health and the smart data does not show any non-zero values in the sector section of the report. Any advice would be appreciated!
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