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  1. Well, in this case, it did work. Last time, it didn't as it was already activated. I got a support ticket in, I used Edge (aughhh..) since Brave doesn't like them. (or the other way around??) But what on earth is wrong with an account based unlock function like any other modern software? This is so 90's Microsoft level stuff that created the cracker market to begin with. How can these folks think of so many nice features and robust functionality and so screw it up when it comes to DRM? Even Microsoft finally got this right. Let me state this for what little it's worth..
  2. There are toooooo many ways to screw these licenses up and then have to throw more money at this, even Microsoft wasn't this bad. I had to get my project going, and I didn't have time to sit around with broken support and a broken project, I had to purchase a 2nd copy to to get the crap going again. NOW, here I am, AGAIN...... I was still in the cleanup process from the last time, I had deactivated stablebit so I could un-install and re-install it so I could build things back up, again, almost finished, again AGAIN, I deactivated it like a good little boy, and fine, I go to reins
  3. I have tired to contact Support but I get the following issue: Oops... An error has occurred while processing your request. Controller: Contact Action: Validate Error: Validation failed for one or more entities. See 'EntityValidationErrors' property for more details. System.Data.Entity.Validation.DbEntityValidationException: Validation failed for one or more entities. See 'EntityValidationErrors' property for more details. at CoveUtil.RetryBlock.Run[TException,TResult](Func`2 Func, Action`1 Control, Boolean ThrowOnOperationCanceled) in ....very long blah..blah..blah....SKIP! __
  4. Thanks. yea, I think I got it now. still busy making a mess of things, but I am getting the hang of it. Plus, windows decided to drop a big update on my head in the middle of it, but it's still good. I rebuilt the drives, and picked some better settings. I do have an interesting question tho, What's the best Storage Chunk Size for a 1gbit network connection to a windows file share? both machines are modern, and all devices on the LAN are at 1gbit. Too small seems to make everything work really hard, and too bit seems to slow things down, a lot. I have a number of pro
  5. Ah, the thing I didn't have was stripping enabled. I was worried that was going to slow it down. Once I get the mess I made cleaned up, will give that a shot, Thanks!
  6. Hi, I got a question: Ok, Here's what I am starting with: Local Machine D: 2 GB E: 5 GB F: 3 GB Local Network Server Windows Fire Share Lots of space. Network: 10 gbit network. Now, what I want to do: (already tried, actually) 1st pool: Local Pool D: E: F: No duplication, just 1 big 10 GB pool. "Local Pool Drive" is the name. 2nd pool: Cloud Drive, Windows File Share Provider, 10 GB disk, no encryption. "File Share Drive" is the name. 3rd Final Pool +"Local Pool Drive" +"Fire Share Drive" Some folders like my Steam Games
  7. Ok, I tried both the StableBit Drive Pool and Scanner, Love them, I've already kicked Drive Pool all over the place and it held up, so, it's gonna replace Spaces for my drives, and Scanner already helped me save the life of my drives because I didn't realize my enclosure was cooking the disks. So, I am going to pick them up. Now, Cloud Drive. This part is confusing to me. I had already understood (in concept) that it creates a local disk that gives a view of Google Drive. (which is what I want to use it for) and I've 'connected' my google account to Could Drive. But the next screen st
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