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  1. Hi, I'm trying to create a hybrid pool with my existing drivepool. My existing drivepool (F:) has duplication turned on. I've added my existing drivepool to a hybrid pool (H:) comprised of F: and two Google Drive CloudDrives (I: and J:). H: (hybrid) / \ F:(local) I:, J: (cloud) I followed the seeding guide (https://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q4142489) and moved some non-critical data from one of the local drives into the hidden folder. This was successful (I think) because that data was actually see by H:. This is what I see in Drivepool. Despite the data being seeded, the duplication on H: isn't working. I have a couple ideas a to why. 1) Seeding F:, while making the files visible to H: doesn't enable duplication. Solution: seed the files to the root of the H: drive (but there is no "H:\PoolPart.xxxx\Files" to paste into). 2) This did all work, but I need to set duplication to "3" rather than "2" across the H: drive. My end-state is to keep two copies local and one on the cloud as a redundancy. The hybrid pool solution seems like the best path, but I'm struggling to make it work the right way. What am I missing? Thanks!
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