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  1. Hi Christopher no Refs drives. They are all NTFS
  2. I would really appreciate some help from drivepool support on this issue
  3. MER

    Duplicate Drive Numbers

    I would really appreciate some help from drivepool support on this issue
  4. Thanks for your response @Christopher (Drashna) Some drives are very close to full, but nothing appears to be completely full. its also only happening to one of the two pools I have setup. See image. If there is anything else I can provide, please let me know. I'm super keen to have this issue resolved.
  5. Hello brains trust, I'm having an issue where Drivepool is reporting an unknown file system. The pool is on a windows 10 NTFS environment and it appears to be causing issues with applications like Sonarr. Sonarr is seeing no space available since Drivepool started reporting an Unknown File system. Post this issue occurring the entire volume lost its name in windows from DATA to (drive letter) Any ideas on how I can fix this? Most other services appear to be working fine and a second pool is also showing the correct file system (NTFS). Very confused...
  6. I'm hoping someone can help I am having a strange issue with Drivepool where I am getting duplicate drive numbers with different serial numbers. The issue also is causing drivepool to think that drives are missing. Everything was working fine up until about a day or so ago. Im running windows 10 Pro Any help would be greatly appreciated! Logs - https://drive.google.com/file/d/14tq-xTV7ESxCbhOk2xPnyDcCnqN9WuPg/view?usp=sharing
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