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  1. Thanks! Yeah I am playing with rClone now and am trying to dial in the mount cache options to provide the best responsiveness. I can provide it 1TB or so of SSD cache space but it doesn't seem to keep stuff around long enough to make it useful.
  2. Thanks for the info. I meet and exceed the 5 user GSuite requirement and leverage those legitimate accounts to upload 750GB per day from each. I don't always hit that cap but it has happened. I Keep 1 account strictly for Plex playback and access purposes and the rest for round robin upload to load balance the uploads. Once again thanks a ton for all the work you did to clarify some misconceptions I had about CloudDrive. I can now see roughly how it works and why it works that way, I want to still play with it but I don't think it will be an ideal solution for my primary storage needs since I need to be able to access my data on the go from laptops and mobile devices. Super cool idea and implementation though
  3. Oh boy lol there's certainly a lot there and I absorbed and understood it all. Hmmmm... It feels like there is a WHOLE lotta risk with not insignificant gain to be had with this system. Though I have to say that the combination of additional data loss risk combined with inability to access the data from multiple locations are probably my two largest hurdles to overcome. From a technical standpoint what you described is quite fascinating and I still want to poke around with. Perhaps not with my primary data hoard, and not with my company assets either. Can you still answer this question? 3. Through pooldrive, is it possible to pool the main Gdrive mount, and multiple Team drives to allow for round robin upload of files? Thank you
  4. Hello! I have just spent the last few hours researching and reading through this forum. I think I have decided to pull the trigger on CloudDrive I just need help planning. I am currently using NetDrive to mount my GSuite google drive and it just seems to be choking. I have a symmetrical gigabit connection and am running a pretty robust Plex Server along with a couple dozen 4K security cameras. I currently have PLEX working with NetDrive and it works OK for the most part but the library scans take forever and 1 particular library just never completes. I currently have about 120TB of data already in my Google Drive so I would REALLY like to not have to re-upload it all. I currently have the main GDrive mounted for Plex to use and metadata uploads (no real chance of hitting 750GB limit) and I have a Team Drive mounted for upload purposes so if it hits cap it doesn't affect Plex functionality. So here come the questions: 1. Can I complete this migration without having to reupload everything? 2. I have read that pooldrive is used to overcome some windows 10 OS limitations in regards to large drives, my current mount is seen as a 2EB drive and they work "ok" am I missing something? 3. Through pooldrive, is it possible to pool the main Gdrive mount, and multiple Team drives to allow for round robin upload of files? 4. In a pooldrive with a GDrive and multiple Team drives, can you flag the GDrive as read only, and the team drives as upload only? 5. I have seen mention of detaching and reattaching drives for use. I Currently just mount the drive through NetDrive and start using it on all my computers and even mobile devices. Will I be able to still use it on the go like that? Once I have a plan forward ironed out I will likely move on to confirm some setting recommendations I spotted elsewhere for ideal Plex use case settings. Thanks a ton in advance! I am really excited to see an active community and what seems like almost magical software to get these issues ironed out. If this all works out well I will likely buy a 10 pack of the license for all my computers.
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