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  1. Ant

    Testing Drivepool

    Thanks for your answer. So it seems that for this specific requirement Storage Spaces seems the only answer. But if using Storage Spaces what is the use case for additionally using Drivepool on top of it or as part of it? As I am running out of testing days, is their a way to extend the trial period?
  2. Ant

    Testing Drivepool

    Hi, thanks for reply. I see so Drivepool cannot do what I wanted. But what if I make the pool to consist completely or partly of so called "spanned" volumes. So not the pool itself would span data across disk, but the underlying volume/drive management from Windows. Would that work so that a virtual disk lying in the pool on a spanned volumen could grow in size across multiple drives if required? (I am asking because we are expecting to have multi-terabyte sizes for the required virtual disks and they will easily expand the underlying normal disk sizes).
  3. Ant

    Testing Drivepool

    Hi guys! I am testing Drivepool before purchase and having questions: 1. I wonder if there is an issue with sub pool. I had created a sub pool in a master pool. When I added a disk to the sub pool the poolpart folder for the sub pool was immediately created. However not the poolpart folder for the master pool. So from that disk I had no option to move files directly into the master pool. I had to move files into the subpool first and then from there in to the master pool poolpart folder. Only after then the correct nested poolpart folder got created on the disk. This was contrary to when I added the sub pool to the parent pool initially. Then all required nested poolpart folders got immediately created. I think when I add a disk, all correct nested structures should be creaded immediately. 2. Could someone confirm how Drivepool acts with big files. Let's say I have dynamic virtual disks in the pool that expand over size. Now when the capacity of an underlying disk is reached and a virtual disk file keeps expanding, what will Drivepool do? Will the virtual disk file be able to expand further and Drivepool will span the file over additional disks that are in the pool? Or will the complete file be moved to another disk within the pool that has enough capacity?
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