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  1. Thanks for the article; it's thick but a good read and gives insight into the what/how/maybe parts of situations like mine. Here's what ended up working for me: On the Server, log in to the desktop with my Microsoft Account Run "cmd" The directory shown after Users was my "local username" for that computer. (ie: c:\Users\localusername) On the Client running CloudDrive Set up a File Share provider Make sure the username portion is in the format "servername\localusername" (ie: thinkpad\menta) Great success!
  2. I'm trying to set up a Windows 10 share on another network machine to be a Provider in CloudDrive, however after I use my Microsoft Account login info (the same hotmail-address account used to log into both client and "server" machines) it errors out with: "Error Connecting to File Share" "The validation information class requested was invalid" In the CloudDrive user manual it has a little information tidbit for File Share providers that lets me know: "The connection to the file share is made using the Local System account from the machine that StableBit CloudDrive is running on, and not from your currently logged in account." However, I entered my email address and password for my Microsoft Account. Is this error because of how I entered my Microsoft Account info, or some other reason?
  3. All good now. I send in my request via the contact form rather than personal email; having worked with issue/customer tracking systems for decades I wanted to keep things logged and traceable so they can be referenced in the future by others.
  4. I can't use the https://stablebit.com/Contact process. After submitting the form info, the next step I need to click on a Validate button but it just reload the page. I've tried two different browsers (Firefox and Opera (Chromium rendering backend), current standard versions) and also trying each's Private mode to take plugins/extensions out of the mix, but all are failing the same way. It makes me feel Invalid.
  5. I'm contemplating changing the partitions of the drives used in my pool to being NTFS-compressed to gain some extra storage space, but will this affect any ways that DrivePool manages the pool? I realize there will be a speed hit however the pool is used primarily for storage. Additionally, if I were to do this, is there a way to have some parts or branches of the pool's file tree store as Uncompressed on their drives? In a NTFS filesystem I can select a branch and have it uncompressed. Although I can do this inside each Pool folder on each drive, DrivePool's Re-Balance will change what's stored where and so that folder I've uncompressed may not continue to exist on that drive and then the folder appears on another drive where it didn't exist previously. All of this will be done on a Windows 10 machine.
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