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  1. Mods please mark this answered. I am not sure what happened but upon restart it was separated.
  2. I formatted the pooled drive before. On disc management and explorer it still shows as a combined 14 tb drive instead of 2 separate drives. In drivepool it says its not pooled but it still shows as 14 tb instead of 2 separate drives. I uninstalled drivepool no change in disc management or explorer. Still shows as 14 tb.p
  3. My F drive is under the heading nonpooled. I can only format the drives as he one 14.5 TB drive. They dont appear as 2 separate drives in explorer and disc-management but as one pooled drive. In drivepool it shows up under the heading Disks non-pooled but it still is pooled bc oringally I had 2 7.5tb hdds pooled. How do I add imgur links to this post? Since the attachment was too big I put it on Imgur but when I go to inset other media and paste the link the box becomes red and it wont go through.
  4. Hi. Here are screenshots of disc management before formatting again and after, also a screenshot of windows explorer. I am also considering taking the 2 drives out and then putting each 1 back in one at a time and reformatting. I cant add the driveppool screenshot. Its ays its too big. When I click on drive F in drive pool it says no pool.
  5. A long time I made a drive pool using stablebit. I forgot this and went ahead and erased my HDD . After doing so I remembered that that HDD was a drive pool of hdds and now I want to separate drives. Within drive pool it doesnt show any drives being pooled. How do I go about unpooling the drives? Is there a way?
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