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  1. 13 hours ago, srcrist said:

    If you want to contact Christopher, do so here: https://stablebit.com/Contact.

    I'm not sure what "updated version of this guide" means, but plenty of us have been using personal keys for a long time. It works fine. We have our own quotas. You can see it in the Google API dashboard. This feature was added over a year ago precisely in anticipation of this very issue. 

    There is a subset of the userbase who is using consumer grade cloud storage for terabytes worth of data that they do not consider to be expendable. And, honestly, those people should stop using this or any other cloud service. I don't think they were ever the target market, and there is nothing CloudDrive can do to guarantee the service level these people are expecting on the providers that they're using. Google's SLA (https://gsuite.google.com/terms/sla.html) does not even provide for that sort of data integrity on Drive (They do not have an SLA for Drive at all), and I have no idea what anyone thinks CloudDrive can do over and above the SLA of the provider you choose to use. Just a personal opinion, there. 

    What i wanted was basicly a bit more detailed guide.

    1 how am i sure that my drives are using the api key? Test? can not find that info under the drives.

    2 Could someone tell me show me where i could se the usage in google api dashboard


    And while i sounded angry really i was just a bit flustered and worried and cannot really see how i could protect myself from loosing my data.

    Hope someone can help me with a kind of test.



  2. Hi all.

    I have been the happy user of the clouddrive software for 2 years now. after a 3 month proff of concept i was happy.

    I moved all my data away from locally storage and have currently 50 Tb stored on goggle drive.

    I do not have 50 Tb of local storage anymore and would hate to change as that would take time and cost alot of money.


    Where is Covecube in this API issue?


    Why silent


    Why just blame Google?


    If all that is needed is to create a private API key why not just make a new updated version of this guide. Create a few test that the users could perform to validate this is ok again.


    The internet is buzzing and people are starting to scare people away from this service.


    And all that is needed is to be a bit proactive!


  3. On ‎12‎/‎14‎/‎2019 at 7:35 PM, srcrist said:

    So an API key is for an application. It's what the app uses to contact Google and make requests of their service. So your new API key will be used by the application to request access to all of your drives--regardless of the Google account that they are on. The API key isn't the authorization to use a given account. It's just the key that the application uses to request access to the data on whatever account you sign-in with. 

    As an obvious example, Stablebit's default key for CloudDrive was obviously created on their Google account, but you were still using it to access your drives before changing it to your own key right now.

    When you set it up, you'll see that you still have to sign in and approve your app. It'll even give you a warning, since, unlike actual CloudDrive, Google can't actually vouch for the app requesting access with your key. 

    This just isn't how an API key works. Are you sure you're logging in with the correct account for each drive once you've added the new key? You don't log in with the account you used to create the key. You still log in with whatever credentials you used to create each drive. 

    HI Srcrist.


    Could you help me locate the original post where getting your own google api key is located?

    I think i did this about a year ago but wanted to check.

    the provider setting should have changed away from default but want to make sure.


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