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  1. I'm a newbie here... having parity issues using Windows Storage Spaces with my external DAS (OWC Thunderbay 6 with 72Tb) that I cannot resolve. Intend to backup and consider using Drivepool as better solution to create 72Tb pool for my large Video/Photo library. I have 2 concerns re: Drivepool vs. Storage Spaces before I decide: I used parity with Storage Spaces to emulate the protection offered by RAID 5, but understand there is no parity option for Drivepool. Would file duplication provide a comparable degree of protection from bad drives in the future? I do video/photo editing from an XPS15 laptop via Thunderbolt 3 connection to DAS and speeds with Storage Spaces were not always good - will Drivepool be comparable better, or worse in doing intensive I/O work from an external pool? Thanks in advance for your expertise.
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