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  1. To answer myself Files where not in the hidden poolpart folder. I had to seed them and now they are showing
  2. If have followed the Hierarchical Pooling post and created a LocalPool with my Drive 1 SSD0 -> Balancer 1 SSD1 -> VM folder (winserver) 2 HDD -> Media File Placement rule to have VM Folder always in SSD1. And a CloudPool with Google Drive account. I then have created a HybridPool with both LocalPool and CloudPool. I wanted to have VM folder duplicated into CloudPool but when I open File duplication options from the HybridPool nothing shows.
  3. If been reading through the forum and Hierarchical Pooling posts but it's still not clear to me how should I proceed. Right now my localpool setup is 1 SSD 500GB 1 HDD 6TB Future another HDD. What would be the best way of having a VM in the SSD of localpool (performance) and also having the SSD as balancer with the SSD Optimizer plugin? Having 2 partitions in the SSD maybe, one for the VM another for balancing? If I put a file placement rule for the VM folder to be only placed in the SSD but I also activate the duplication for it, would it be copied to the HDD or not because the file placement rule? If later on I want to add a cloudpool and activate duplication for the VM to the cloud, I should create a Hybrid Pool with my localpool and the cloudpool and there again put a duplication rule for the VM folder? Thank you and sorry for my English.
  4. I was trying to do something similar. Using an SSD as balancer and storage for VM folder (for performance). But a question came to my mind. If I add a file placement rule to have the VM folder always in the SSD... what happens if I also activate folder duplication for it?
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