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  1. Thks for the answer. I will try to install it Regards
  2. Javiersr1971

    Advice needed

    Hello I am going to explain what I intend to do. I have a google Drive account with 40 tb and a Synology NAS with 60 tb. The NAS just broke down beyond repair It is my intention to have a clouddrive in my PC of 40 tb seen by my WINDOWS machine as a local Drive. Is it possible to have a Drive that large? How would I then transfer my google Drive data to the clouddrive, could I justo mover the data within google drive and it would be updated in my Windows machines? Would a program like sonarr see this clouddrive as a local disk? If that is possible I would use my HD with drivepool as backup of the cloud (what program World you recommend) TIA
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