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  1. If I open the properties window on ANY pooled directory and go to the "security" tab it pops up a message saying the "permissions are incorrectly ordered." There's no explanation and no option to fix it. Can anyone explain what this means and if it's a problem? Despite the warning I don't seem to have any problems accessing or using files. This is a brand new system. I installed 3 drives, put them in a pool, and copied files from another Windows machine over a network. I didn't manually set or change any permissions except to enable sharing the directory over the network.
  2. gx240

    Black Friday sales?

    Do you typically have Black Friday sales with reduced prices on your software (Stablebit Drivepool in particular)?
  3. I don't want Drivepool to ever rebalance automatically. Does selecting "Do not balance automatically" and unchecking "Allow balancing plug-ins to force immediate balancing." prevent all rebalancing? Is there anything else I have to do to make sure nothing is ever rebalanced? Should I disable all the balancer plugins that come with Drivepool by default as well, or is there some reason to leave them active?
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