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  1. In another post someone suggested TestDisk. Looks like it's going to work for me. Be some effort to get things untangled and back where they belong but fingers crossed I don't lose any data.
  2. I have pool of 5x WD 4TB drive array - a single ~18-ish TB array total. While switching OSs (Windows Server 2016 to Windows 10 1903) on the system drive, I somehow managed to lose two of the drives (Drive 1 and 3) in the array. Stablebit Scanner showed the drives as having a corrupt file system but are otherwise healthy. Drivepool showed the two drives as part of a different "phantom" pool that was not accessible with a corrupted file system. I removed these two drives from the phantom pool. Windows disk manager shows the two drives as healthy. If I assign each of the two drives a drive letter in Windows disk manager and then look at how much space is used / free on the two drives in Windows Explorer, it is consistent with what it would have been when it was part of the 5 drive array. Windows "repaired" the drives but only a zero byte file shows on each of those two drives in Windows File Manager. The file names are: Drive 1: PoolPart.ef2b016f-d20b-43ee-ab15-9e7d40b9d213 Drive 3: PoolPart.702431ff-7430-428a-abbf-c607dafec338 The two drives are currently not visible in Drivepool to add back to the array. Presumably I could wipe the partitions and add them back to the array but I'd rather not lose the data if possible - not all of it was duplicated on the remaining three drives in the array. Any suggestions on how the file system could be rebuilt enough to recover the data? Thx for any help you can provide.
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