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  1. Yea, so I ended up just yanking the drive and dropping it into a usb3 external dock connected to another machine and pulling all the data off of it that way. In the meantime, after starting the server back up, DP complains that the drive is missing and from there I tell it to remove that disk which is does quickly and happily (since its not in the machine anymore). After recovering as much as I could via the external dock, I left it in the dock, and plugged it back into the server where I also have Scanner installed and scanned the disk (without adding it to the pool). Scanner determined there were a lot of unreadable sectors so I RMA'd it and am waiting on the replacement. Hope this helps.
  2. I recently got a notification from Scanner that one of my drives has some unreadable sectors. I decided to initiate removal of the drive from the pool so I can perform some outside diagnostics and possibly RMA it. But DrivePool has been stuck on "Measuring" for almost 12 hours now and there is also a lot of Grey on the visuals. I also got a text in the middle of the night saying the affected drive was missing, and another 10 minutes later saying it was back. Im not sure what going on and if I'm in big trouble. See screenshot:
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